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speed training

Designed to help any athlete improve their speed by offering a specific sprint conditioning training program would include working on speed endurance (lalactic/lactic), maximum speed, elastic strength / acceleration, and reactive speed. Our speed training program will begin on Sundays from 2-3 at Riverbend High School.

Speed Training


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Junior Olympics

A non-recreational, competitive  track & field program sanctioned by USA Track and Field (USATF) and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). This program allows athletes to compete on a district, regional and national level.

Junior Olympic Program - 16 - week training program with a goal to compete in the national junior Olympics

                                  (includes training, meet registrations, and administrative costs)


Meet Top/Bottom, warm up pants, warm up shirt and team bag 

Facility Use

Currently, there are no costs for facility usage.

Program DOs & DON’Ts


  • have your child ready to warm up at scheduled practice time

  • ensure your child wears appropriate attire; shorts and shirt

  • make sure they have plenty of water and hydrate all day before practice

  • stress the importance of rest and proper nutrition at home 

  • reiterate the importance of being respectful to all coaches and parents


  • not ask a question, no matter how simple or crazy you feel it is

  • hesitate to raise your hand to help volunteer

  • have your child do additional workouts without coordinating with the coaches

Training Schedule

Riverbend High School

  • TBD

James Monroe

  • TBD

Milestat reporting

Virginia Blaze reports to milestat / milesplit as a recruiting tool for our athletes. They provide live feeds of  various track meets, meet results, and national rankings by age groups.


MileSplit is the premier network for track & field and cross country. We believe that the heart of the sport is on a local, grassroots level. By facilitating the publishing and business process for our state webmasters, we are able to provide in depth state-by-state coverage of the sport. At the same time, these state portals feed content into a national database allowing us to provide an unprecedented depth of coverage on the national level as well.

Designed around powerful proprietary database software that unites all of the important aspects of covering the sport--results, rankings, articles, videos, photos, statistics, etc--MileSplit US is the only online publisher in the sport with the tools to provide a high level of timely and comprehensive nationwide coverage.


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